Sileo: A New Firework Solution

With Fourth of July fast approaching, owners of noise phobic dogs are once again preparing to comfort their trembling, panting, and anxious companions. At Littleton Veterinary Clinic, we know all too well the stress of these festivities as clients and their companions come to us for medication to help control their pets’ anxiety throughout the summer months.

Thankfully, this year we can offer a new solution to noise phobia known as Sileo. It is the first and only FDA approved treatment for noise aversion. Sileo is a transmucosal gel (meaning that it is absorbed by the cheek and gums) designed to control noise phobia. The active ingredient in Sileo has been used by veterinary hospitals for years as an injectable, but it has only recently become available in this new client friendly form.

Designed to be given prior to a predictable event (i.e., a firework show) or immediately following a fear reaction to a noise, Sileo has been shown in studies to reduce the behaviors associated with noise phobias including pacing, lip licking, cowering, hypervigilance, vocalization, and shaking. It takes approximately 30-60 minutes to take full effect. Contrary to a pure tranquilizer, dogs on Sileo are still fully aware and functional. Sileo typically lasts for two to three hours and can be dosed again as soon as two hours after the initial dose.

However, we do recommend an examination by one of our veterinarians prior to prescribing Sileo as we want to make sure it is the best solution for your dog. There are other options for behavior modifying medications if our veterinarians feel Sileo is not the best fit for your pet. We will be happy to discuss all the options with you and make this Fourth of July a fun celebration again!